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Guilhot update


Jean Guilhot, the Biloxi hermit of Deer Island (1877-1959), has been cited in this blog. His reputation as a benign and mysterious hermit in Bioxi, Mississippi (USA) is now found to involve a past of crime and politics, as revealed by E. Suarez of the Biloxi Local History and Genealogy Dept.


Dario Escobar update

The Colombian-born hermit-monk Dario Escobar, who resides in the Qaddisha Vally in Lebanon, has been profiled in this blog before; here he is profiled in National Geographic Australia. Escobar is now 83 years of age.


Disappointing hermits

Guardian article with a twist on the idea of hermits as wise sages. Titled “This reclusive life: what I learned about solitude from my time with hermits.” Byline: “When the chaos of the big city began to drag, Paul Willis wondered if solitude might be the answer. Would his encounters with hermits yield what he wanted?”

The author is disillusioned with visits to two hermits in Arizona and New Mexico respectively. He concludes:

Among the Apophthegmata is a saying by an unknown hermit: “It is better to live among the crowd and keep a solitary life in your spirit than to live alone with your heart in the crowd.”

In other words, if you go into solitude to get away from something, your troubles will probably follow you.


A woman pursues solitude – 2

This Guardian piece is an essay by a young British woman who consciously pursues solitude within her urban environment. The title is: “The pursuit of loneliness: how I chose a life of solitude.” The byline is: “Hayley Campbell quit her job and moved into an empty flat. Here she explains the tough but peculiar pleasures of seclusion.”


Hermit of Dulwich (UK)

A brief article in Londonist titled “The Sad Story Of The Hermit Of Dulwich,” about an 18th-century hermit Samuel Matthews. He became a hermit when he became a widower, and was described as eccentric and deranged.