What is Hermitary?

articles, reviews, features, & blogs about hermits in lore, literature, history (East & West), art, film; solitude, silence, & simplicity


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It is simply fact, one of the conditions of being human, and even if we're surrounded by others, we essentially live our lives alone: real life takes place inside of us.
--Paul Auster, The Art of Hunger

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"Images of Eremitism" is an ongoing feature: photographic & art images of historical and modern hermits & hermit dwellings. Highlights religious, wilderness, women, and other hermits.

"Hermits in Film" is an ongoing feature: documentary and fiction films about hermits, eremitism, solitude, silence, & simplicity.


CITYDESERT, Desert Spirituality for the City, re Hermitary (March 8, 2014):
"Do look at Hermitary on a regular basis! It reminds us that the eremitical tradition is universal. It is deeply humbling and greatly awe-inspiring to be reminded that those of us who seek to follow the path of the Hermit follow in the footsteps (if, alas, we cannot claim to walk in the shoes) of a vast lineage of men and women from all religious and cultural tradition (and none), in every age and in every place and in every culture."


UTNE Media blog re HERMITARY (Nov. 19, 2010):
"Want to get away? Far away? Feel like disappearing for a time, even if only vicariously? Hermitary is a one-stop resource for your inner hermit. One of the most consistently wondrous sites on the internet."

SHEDWORKING blog re HERMITARY (May 1, 2007):
"A fantastic site for those who regard a bit of peace and quiet as, on the whole, a good thing is The Hermitary which has a wide range of articles, book reviews and links on the subject of hermits and solitude. There's also an interesting blog, Hermit's Thatch."