FEATURES: Images of Eremitism

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Photographs of hermits

Galleries of religious hermits: modern Christian hermits, Western and Orthodox, and modern Eastern (Asian) hermits: Buddhist/Taoist and Hindu/Jain.
Separate galleries of religious hermits: the hermit Lykov family of Siberia; hermits of Freedom or Madness film.
Galleries of wilderness hermits include Everglades, LIFE magazine, and Miscellany (largest set).
Gallery of women hermits: hermits, solitaries, thinkers, writers, and religious.

Hermits in art

Galleries include Western and Eastern (Asian),
Western galleries: St. Paul & St. Antony, Temptations of St. Antony, St. Jerome as hermit, medieval images, and classical images.
Renaissance etchings of Jan and Raphael Sadeler include their Solitudo: sive Vitae patrum eremicolarum, Solitudo: sive Vitae feminarum anachoritarum (women) & Oraculum Anchoreticum. Plus an art Miscellany.

Hermit dwellings

Religious/spiritual: caves, cells, and kellions.
Modern: caves, cabins, and cottages.
Ornamental: caves, huts, and hermitages (from Gordon Campbell's The Hermit in the Garden book.

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