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Hikikomori update

Review article in on the status of Japanese hikikomori.


Filipino hermit

Brief article about a Filipino hermit Alejandro Abuan, who lived a wandering mountain existence from 1922 to 1937, seen dwelling in caves, befriended by a few people to whom he told his story. For a while he returned to work, then disappeared again.


Benefits of solitude

A thoughtful Quartz article on the benefits of solitude centered on Hannah Arendt titled “Solitude is only a problem when it becomes loneliness.”


A woman chooses solitude

In this Guardian profile aptly titled “‘Truly, madly, deeply alone’ – embracing solitude,” a British woman (Max Riddington) reflects on her choice to pursue solitude.


New hermit for Saalfelden


A Belgian man, Stan Vanuytrech, has been selected the next resident hermit at the Saalfelden hermitage in the Austrian Alps, continuing a 350-year tradition. The town mayor indicated that Vanuytrech “radiates calm and comes across as well-anchored.”