Yogi of silence teaches yoga

TheLondonEconomic.com features an article titled “Guru who spent almost 20 years living as silent hermit has left forest to travel the world to teach people yoga.” The yogi is Vijay Gopala, “who spent 17 years living in meditative silence – where he almost never spoke – and contemplated life from his shack in the middle of an Indian forest.” Gopala now travels the world to teach about yoga, adapted different poses and techniques according to the needs of his students. He was featured by TLE because of his attendance at a world yoga festival in Reading, England. He tells the interviewer:

Actually, different types of yoga are a recent development. For me, yoga is just yoga. We make reference from the classical books of Indian philosophy. It’s all explained in different books and dates back many thousands of years. People who can’t understand the classical type move on to the others. The type I teach is more authentic, it’s more than intense, it has a depth. New types are superficial.

URL: https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/travel/guru-who-spent-almost-20-years-living-as-silent-hermit-has-left-forest-to-travel-the-world-to-teach-people-yoga/25/07/