“I Nuovi Eremiti” – eremitism web site

“I Nuovi Eremiti” is an Italian-language “blog dedicated to new hermits, metropolitan monks, and contemplatives. Articles, reviews, experiences, new communities and more. The blog aims to be a virtual meeting point for those laypersons who live experiences of contemplative life, eremitism, semi-eremitism, and for those who live following the principles of internalized monasticism.” The site is run by the anonymous “Pilgrim” since 2008. Entries are infrequent but useful in identifying the Catholic tradition of hermit spirituality in the contemporary world.

URL: https://nuovieremiti.blogspot.com/

Modern hermits in photos

Media site Insider offers an item titled “Intimate photos show what it’s really like to be a modern-day hermit.” Among the hermits are some familiar, some less so: Rachel Denton (UK), Masafumi Nagasaki (Japan), Barry Edgar Pilcher (Ireland), Viktor (Siberia), Sostis (Greece), Valentin Pantin, wife Ekaterina, and four children, (Russia), Yiorgos (Greece), and several others.

URL: https://www.thisisinsider.com/inside-the-lives-of-modern-day-hermits-intimate-photos-2018-12

Agafya Lykov update

India Today adds an update titled “See the daily routine an Old Believer hermit living in Siberia” re Agafya Lykov, the Russian hermit living in Siberia, who is regularly reported on in this blog and is the subject of several film documentaries. In December 2018, the 74-year old Agafya contacted a journalist because she lacked essential supplies, and a delivery of food, medicine and hay were delivered. Includes a short video from Ruptly (Russia Today, RT); see below.

URL: https://www.indiatoday.in/world-special/video/see-the-daily-routine-an-old-believer-hermit-living-in-siberia-1411602-2018-12-17

“Eremo” – eremitism web site

Eremo is a Switzerland-based web site on the subject of the hermit life, edited and maintained by Brother Markus. The dominant tradition is Hinduism, but Brother Markus includes Buddhist and Christian mystics as resources in his articles on various aspects of eremitism, and in his recommended readings. The Hindu term “Brahmacharya” is emblematic, defined as “a lifestyle adopted to enable one to attain the Ultimate Reality.” And that lifestyle is the lifestyle of the hermit, supplemented by the practice of virtue, meditation, yoga, and careful readings of classic sages. The site is in German, with English and Spanish translations of the site as options. Supplemented by photos of Brother Markus’ hermitage and environs.

URL: https://www.eremo.ch/