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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Agafya update

Familiar to these blog pages is the Siberian hermit Agafya Lykova, now 73, a life-long hermit and last of her familiar of Old Believers, who fled to Siberia in 1936. Several media sources now report that the regional Russian governor has banned helicopter flights of food, supplies, and potential evacuation for medical treatment for Agafya […]

Joe Root, Pennsylvania hermit

An article in the Ellwood City Ledger, Pennsylvania, presents a representative local history item on a local hermit named Joe Root: “Joe Root a late 1800s to 1915 woodland hermit of sort lived in may wooden shacks on Presque Isle.” The article offers an anecdotal account plus a few photos. URL:

Amos Wilson, Pennsylvania hermit

The article “The Pennsylvania Hermit: The Woeful Tale of a Grieving Brother’s Broken-hearted Hermitage,” in Ancient Origins, retells the story of Amos Wilson, who abandoned society in 19th-century Pennsylvania upon the execution of his sister for alleged murder of her infant out of wedlock. Wilson had gained the state governor’s pardon for her but arrived […]