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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Guilhot update

Jean Guilhot, the Biloxi hermit of Deer Island (1877-1959), has been cited in this blog. His reputation as a benign and mysterious hermit in Bioxi, Mississippi (USA) is now found to involve a past of crime and politics, as revealed by E. Suarez of the Biloxi Local History and Genealogy Dept. URL:

Dario Escobar update

The Colombian-born hermit-monk Dario Escobar, who resides in the Qaddisha Vally in Lebanon, has been profiled in this blog before; here he is profiled in National Geographic Australia. Escobar is now 83 years of age. URL:

Disappointing hermits

Guardian article with a twist on the idea of hermits as wise sages. Titled “This reclusive life: what I learned about solitude from my time with hermits.” Byline: “When the chaos of the big city began to drag, Paul Willis wondered if solitude might be the answer. Would his encounters with hermits yield what he […]