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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Russian forest hermit Yuri

In “A hermit’s life in a Russian forest,” Russia Beyond the Headlines profiles hermit Yuri, who lives in a forest dugout shelter filled with books, wood stove, food, computer and smartphone, and a pet rabbit. He lives near a highway and can get petrol for his generator. He reads, maintains social media, chops wood, and […]

Japan’s aging hikikomori

Japan Daily reports on the serious social needs of aging kikikomori, Japan’s middle-aged recluses. Among factors are the deeper disparity between themselves and social interaction, the increased severity of their withdrawal, and dependence on aging parents. A report on the issue by a Japanese ministry complements an earlier report on the age group 18-35. URL: […]

Korean hikikomori

Korea Joongang Daily reports that the hikikomori phenomenon familiar to Japan may now be growing in Korea as more young Koreans become recluses. URL:

Cave hermit wanted (Austria)

From “The Local Austria”, this byline: “The Austrian town of Saalfelden in the state of Salzburg is looking for someone to live in a nearby hermitage which was built more than 350 years ago in steep, rocky cliffs.” Full-text (these items tend to disappear from the web): The Austrian town of Saalfelden in the state […]

Introvert comics

Start the year with a comic strip that will delight introverts: “Where’s My Bubble?” by a young UK designer and artist. “Where’s My Bubble?” is “Debbie’s sketches of everyday life, comics and illustrations.” It’s also a labor of love, an unexpected gift, and a smile of self-recognition. URL: