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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Prisoner & recluse

The New Yorker features a brief essay titled “My Prison Cell: the Refuge of a Recluse” by an imprisoned man who is personally also a recluse. He describes the paradox of imprisonment and reclusion in a poignantly direct manner. I’m a recluse. By definition, that implies I don’t like being around people. But the oddity […]

“Hermit’s Christmas”: Rachel Denton

In the article “A Hermit’s Christmas,” BBC News reports on Sister Rachel Denton, a British hermit mentioned several times in this blog. Describes her Christmas practices and life as a hermit. URL:

New Zealand hermit Pete update

The Wireless and Stuff article “Hermit of the highway: How a man in the woods survived Kaikōura’s 7.8 earthquake” updates New Zealand hermit Pete, who shrugs off the quake’s effects on his life. Being next to the sea, the tremendous noise spooked him a bit, and the quake’s rockfall cut off road access, ruined Pete’s […]

Tian Xuesen, mountain painter

Painter Tian Xuesen has devoted his artistic efforts to painting the majestic Huashan mountains of China. The Shanghai Daily reports in an article titled “Tapping a muse in the solitude of mountains.” Sometimes when Tian Xuesen sits in city traffic, waiting for a red light to turn green, he feels said he feels dislocated. Small […]

Irish hermit Peter O’Neill

The Irish Sun profiles “English-accented” hermit Peter O’Neill, who died recently at 71. O’Neill lived alone in the Wicklow mountains in a hut, and maintained a large number of books, journals, and writings. The local priest came to his acquaintance and enjoyed O’Neill wide range of knowledge. Interestingly, Peter is not the only person living […]