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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Indian sadhus at festival

The Daily Mail (UK) highlights the annual Maha Shivaratri festival in India, where the chief feature is the appearance of sadhus or religious hermits and holy men. From the article: The elusive Naga Sadhu holy men of India have been caught on camera at an annual Hindu festival in which they bathe in sacred waters […]

Maija Zlatic, hermit mystery

Maija Zlatic, a Serbian-Australian widow who inherited over $5 million but deliberately lived in apparent poverty as a hermit in a mud hut in Serbia, died without a trace of the money she inherited from her late husband. She had supposedly given away the first million dollars awarded to her by an Australian court, but […]

Agafya update

Hermitary readers will be familiar with Agafya Likova, the Siberian Old Believer and hermit, now 72 years old. This Siberian Times update notes her recent difficulties with insufficient food and heath issues.Includes many archival photos. URL: