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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Italian hermit fears eviction

A 77-year old hermit living alone on the Sardinian island of Budelli for the past 27 years is threatened with eviction. Mauro Morandi has maintained the island for many years, benefiting summer tourists, but the island is now in public hands and he fears eviction. A petition drive on his behalf using is being […]

American hermit research

The hermit remains a cultural artifact studied as an interesting social phenomenon. Here is note by German University professor Ina Bergmann, who specializes in American Studies, announcing research on a book to be titled: A Cultural History of Solitude in the USA. A topic to be included is Robert the Hermit of Massachusetts (18th-19th century). […]

Rondeau revisited

An article from the Sun Community News in northern New York state titled “Of Mountain Men and Malcontents: The Story of the Cold River Hermit” revisits the now famous Adirondack hermit Noah John Rondeau (1883-1967). About Rondeau: Rondeau was not a typical hermit. While he left civilization to live a life of solitude in the […]