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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Fausto Mottalini, Italian hermit

Brief interview with an Italian hermit, Fausto Mottalini, who lives in Sostila, an Italian Alps ghost village, where he is the only resident. “Many people think I’m a crazy kind of hermit, living here all alone, with no one to talk to or spend the days with. But I love it, I’m the guardian of […]

Solitude of Ravens

A Financial Times article announcing a London exhibition of the Japanese photographs: Focusing on the inauspicious presence of ravens in the coastal landscapes of the photographer’s native Hokkaido, Masahisa Fukase’s dark and haunting series Solitude of Ravens (1986) is a chronicle of emptiness and obsession. BBC offers an outstanding set of images. The photographs were […]

Marija Zlatic, Serbian hermit

An elderly Serbian woman who is a hermit received a large benefice from her estranged late husband upon his death. She gave all of it away. Here is the complete text of the Yahoo! News report: Belgrade (AFP) – An elderly hermit living in a mud hut in the Serbian mountains inherited a fortune from […]