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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Rachel Denton, UK hermit, update

Rachel Denton, mentioned in entries here in 2009 and 2013, is a Catholic hermit, formerly a teacher and once a Carmelite nun.A canonical hermit, she lives alone in Lincolnshire, now complicated by cancer. Several media profiles (Independent, Daily Mail) describe her use of social media, supplementing a modest income from calligraphy. Referring to her health, […]

Australian “Tarzan” hermit

Michael Peter Fomenko, 84, has been called the original Tarzan, surviving in the wilderness of Australia 60 years, accumulating legend and notoriety for decades. Reputedly the son of a Russian princess, Fomenko, notes the Daily Mail, shunned modern society 60 years ago and survived by slaying crocodiles and boars with his bare hands in the […]