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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Hermit caretaker wanted (Spain)

An historical hermitage, Our Lady of the Rock in sanctuary in Catalonia, Spain, is advertising for a hermit, but neither a monk nor ornamental hermit. Here is the write-up by the Spanish website Local: Our Lady of the Rock (Mare de Déu de la Roca), which sits on a rocky outcrop high above the town […]

Alberto Gutierrez, Nicaragua hermit

Alberto Gutierrez, who is nearly 80, lives in rural Nicaragua in a one-room hut without running water or electricity. But his hermit life is today well-known because of the rock carvings he has sculpted throughout the vicinity of his original farm for some thirty years. Gutierrez began his practice of rock-carving as a hobby, but […]

Hermit nuns today

“Embracing the eremetical life” is a recent Today’s Catholic News article profiling three hermit nuns in Indiana. They share an eclectic path to eremitism, each being mature in age and having been married, two with children and grandchildren. Each has a rule specific to themselves, governing their overall apostalate. Ech wears a habit, though no […]