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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Japan recluse newspaper

Shiko Ishii has published the 400th edition of Fonte, a newspaper for Japanese hikikomori, a newspaper he himself founded at age 16 when he became a recluse. The Fonte newspaper for people who have stopped going to school or withdrawn from society printed its 400th issue this month. It was a special moment for Shiko […]

Chinese mountain hermits

The Daily Mail (UK) offers a summary (originally Agence France-Presse) of contemporary hermits in China’s Zhongnan Mountains, profiling several in an article titled “China’s mountain hermits seek a highway to heaven.” Among hermits in the article: Master Hou (pictured above), Wang Gaofeng, Liu Jingchong, Li Yunqi, and Gao Ming — the latter two are women, […]

New Yorker: “Weather Man”

The Portfolio section of the New Yorker offers an eight-photo portfolio by Evgenia Arbugaeva titled “Weather Man: Life at a  Remote Russian Weather Station.” From the text: Vyacheslav Korotki is a man of extreme solitude. He is a trained polyarnik, a specialist in the polar north, a meteorologist. In the past thirty years, he has […]

Chinese mountain hermit

The Beijing Review Facebook page includes a series of 5 photos of Yang Zhongyou, an 82-year-old recluse in the Qinling Mountains, southern Shaanxi Province. He is shown “splitting wood to heat his lodge, nestled deep in the mountains.” Other photos feature his hut and sleeping place. The entry adds: “A number of secluded old men […]

io9: “Secret History of Hermits”

io9 is a breezy generic website serving up free-lanced cultural curiosities. One recent contribution is a little article titled “The Secret History of Hermits,” offers a quick overview to types of hermits: mountain and wilderness hermits, stylites, and anchorites. Hermitary readers will recognize the highlights presented, and note links to Hermitary content. URL: