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Monthly Archives: September 2014

RT , Siberian Times on Agafia

Hermitary readers will be familiar with Agafia Lykov, the Siberian hermit and Old Believer. (Find more on Agafia in this blog, photos in Features, video in Films, and a review of the book Lost in the Taiga.) RT visited Agafia and prepared a summary “Agafia’s Story: Old hermit lives alone deep in Siberian forest, seeks […]

Silence & the brain

A Nautilus Magazine article on the neuroscience of silence titled “This is Your Brain on Silence.” A popularized review of the scientific research that demonstrates, surprisingly to many, that the brain is actively and positively stimulated by silence as much as by sound. The brain deteriorates as excessive sound or noise assaults the body via […]

Clockworker’s solitude

A New York Times article about art historian turned antique clock restorer Sule Gurbuz of Turkey, who pursued the job because of its ample solitude. From the article “A Clock Restorer Makes Time for Solitude”: “The clocks at the palaces were all mostly broken, or at least they seemed to be in very bad shape,” […]