Dan Fuller, Massachusetts hermit

Dan Fuller
A 2012 article in the Kingston (MA) Journal describes the the life and eccentricities of the 19th-century hermit Dan Fuller. Information is based on an 1893 interview printed in the Boston Journal.

Fuller was said to have grown up in the forest and was most comfortable away from civilized life. He lived in a hundred square-foot hut crammed with belongings.

Fuller subsisted on hunting, including monies from town-paid bounties on rodents, and was said to eat only game (especially birds he had shot or trapped) unless he received gifts of other foods.

Observers described him as simple, honest, independent, and likely not capable of holding steady employment.

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URLs: http://kingstonjournal.com/dan-fuller-the-hermit-of-kingston/

“Escape”: Russian hermits

This article has apparently been removed from the original site at EnglishRussia.com.

The website “English Russia” features “Russian Hermits” from a photo gallery of images from  Danila Tkachenko’s project titled “Escape.” Here are hermits and their dwellings, an the editor notes: “It’s hard to say how many hermits are in Russia today. People go to live in a forest due to different reasons: someone wants to grow his own type of ginseng, another one just wishes to pray in a cave for some months.” One commenter suggests they are homeless former inmates. But the eremitic tradition has a strong cultural presence in Russia, and the men in these photos are clearly living in solitude, indefinitely.

URL: http://englishrussia.com/2014/02/24/russian-hermits/

URL of photographer’s project: http://www.danilatkachenko.com/projects/escape/