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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Georgian stylite Fr. Maxime

A Daily Mail article for Sept. 5, 2013 summarizes the efforts of Father Maxime to become a stylite atop a 100-foot rock outcrop in the Republic of  Georgia, the first since the end of Turkish occupation 600 years ago.  (This article updates two previous entries on this blog: Article headline and byline: “Getting closer […]

Siberian wilderness hermit

The Itar-Tass news agency reports on discovery of a “wild child” (now 20 years old) identified in Siberia. The Sept. 2013 article is titled: “Hermit found in Altai Krai, Siberia: 20-year-old lived all his life in forest.” The hut image below is presumably one of the dwellings mentioned in the article. The text of the […]

Welsh hermit Emma Orbach

A December 2012 Daily Mail (UK) article describes the hermit life of Emma Orbach. The title and bylines: Meet Mrs Bilbo Baggins: Oxford graduate quits society to live a hobbit-style existence in a mud roundhouse in Welsh hills. Emma Orbach, 58, has shunned society, living in a mudhut she built herself The Oxford graduate named […]