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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Japan’s elderly male recluses

A recent study by Japan’s National Institute of Population and Social Security Research shows, according to Vox Populi (Asahi Shimbun) that “elderly men who live alone are more prone than their female counterparts to becoming social recluses.” This is not a surprise given the history of reclusion and hikikomori in Japan, which has always been […]

Israeli hermit

An article in the Israel National News (Arutz Seva) describes a Jewish hermit Nissim Kachlon, who lives on the cliffs of Herzliya overlooking the beach and sea. Kachlon does not use the grid and has a source of fresh water. A recent Jerusalem Film Festival entry summarizes his life. URL:

Hermit cookies

from a package of Newman’s Own© Organic Hermits (hermit cookies): “No hermits were harmed, mistreated, pestered or annoyed in the making of these cookies!”