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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Two lists

Listverse offers a list of ten modern hermits: Valerio Ricetti (1898—1952) Noah John Rondeau (1883—1967) Robert Harrill (1893—1972) Arthur Leslie Darwin (1879—1977) Despina Achladioti (1890—1982) Manfred Gnädinger (1940—2002) Richard Proenneke (1916—2003) Willard Kitchener MacDonald (1916—2004) Józef “Fred” Stawinoga (1920—2007) Tom Leppard (1934—present) The US magazine Saturday Evening Post offers “Resources for Would-be Hermits.” The list […]

Maine hermit thief caught

News items about a Maine hermit caught stealing from area camps for 27 years are everywhere on the web. For example, a Guardian report is headlined “Hermit caught after 27 years in Maine woods” with the byline “Christopher Knight, who disappeared aged 19, lived by stealing food and supplies from woodland camps in Maine, say […]

Modern hermits & Crusoes

A page of the web site offers a colorful collection of what it calls “Modern day hermits and Robinson Crusoes,” some familiar to Hermitary visitors, others new. URL:

New Zealand hermit evicted

The Taranaki Daily News reports that Eric Brewer, who has lived on a New Zealand beach as a hermit for 16 years, was evicted from his makeshift dwelling of tarpaulin and driftwood by the local city council today. His story had circulated worldwide via the web recently. Includes video. URL:

Hong Kong’s “hidden youth”

An article in the South China Morning Post suggests a growing concern about adolescents in Hong Kong dropping out of family, school, and social life to become recluses in their homes. The phenomenon is familiar in Japan as hikikomori, or what the article calls otaku, a Japanese term for “home man,” or one who stays […]