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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Seychelles “Crusoe”

An item in the Daily Mail describes a British-born man (“Yorkshire’s Robinson Crusoe”) who bought a deserted Seychelles island (Moyenne Island) 50 years ago and has lived there in “blissful solitude” ever since. Includes photos. URL:–lives-blissful-solitude.html

Thai village reveres hermits

An article in the Bangkok Post is titled Isolated village reveres hermits: Ancient Karen settlement which adheres to strict tribal customs and beliefs is about as far from civilisation as you can get.” The article describes an isolated Karen village on the mountainous Thailand-Myanmar border believed to be a century old. The villagers lives a […]

Naked Japanese hermit

A news item about a “naked” Japanese hermit went the rounds of most media during the past week, specifically media, web sites, and blogs that would not otherwise pay attention to hermits. So the keyword brought the attention. Here is the familiar Reuters coverage, text in full, which also featured an oblique photograph: Dangerous currents […]