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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Zhongnan hermits today

Sympathetic article titled “The sound of silence is the height of seclusion,” in China Daily, describes the contemporary hermits of the Zhongnan mountains. The hermits are Taoist and Buddhist. Li Jiwu, a researcher in religious studies at the Shaanxi Academy of Social Sciences, “who has been studying the mountain’s hermit culture for five years, believes […]

NYT: Is silence going extinct?

The article writer joins a scientist in Alaska’s Denali National Park in search of silence and natural sound, with commentary on the status of silence and natural sound as components of wilderness and animal life. Remarks the scientist: “If you’re on foot and you choose to focus on the natural quality of the landscape, you’re […]

Susan Cain TED Talk

Susan Cain, author of the recent book Quiet: The Power of Introverts, presented a 19-minute TED talk in February 2012. Cain’s book offers a refreshing look at introversion. URL:

UK short film “Hermit”

UK-based filmmaker Susannah Bragg has produced a half-hour short comedy film titled “Hermit,” described as: a short fiction film about a young prodigy who, for the past 20 years, has woven fantastic stories of worldwide acclaim — from the confines of her room. However, on her 28th birthday, she runs out of ideas. Now, she […]

British anchorite reflects

In an article in the Catholic Herald of the UK, a British nun describes her year as an anchoress. In the article — titled “How I became a medieval-style anchorite” — the anonymous author explains: Before 2003 I thought that hermits were extinct — as dead as a Dodo. I had heard of some of […]