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Monthly Archives: December 2011

“Hermit” of Fukushima

A number of articles about Naoto Matsumura have appeared in the media, variously describing him as loner, solitary, farmer — and this one as “hermit.” Naoto Matsumura has elected to remain within the 12 mile/20 kilometer exclusion zone around the failed Fukushima nuclear plant to feed and care for animals (cows, dogs, cats, etc.) abandoned […]

Broeder Hugo, Netherlands hermit

Brother (Broeder) Hugo is a Dutch Catholic hermit, born in Drendts, Netherlands, in 1976, a convert. He lives in the vault of an old church in Warfhuizen, in northeastern Netherlands. The church itself is open to the public, attracted by Broeder Hugo’s Marian devotion. His growing popularity is due in part to his embrace of […]