Idaho hermit-nuns

The Boise Weekly-funded project, “Searching for Quartzburg, which describes its purpose as “investigating the identities of dreamers, visionaries, eccentrics, hermits” of Idaho, offers a 6+ minute audio podcast titled “Hermit Nun.” The profile features Sister Rebecca and Sister Beverly, who live in the Mesa, Idaho Marymount Hermitage.

“Hermit Nun” page of Searching for Quartzburg:
Marymount Hermitage website:

Charles Brandt, Canada hermit-priest

Short piece from the Vancouver, BC media site North Island Midweek, about Charles Brandt, a Catholic “hermit-priest.” Fr. Brandt is an 88-year old book conservator and photographer who lives in a hermitage off the Oyster River in a Vancouver wilderness. He was originally a Trappist.

Writer Stephen Hume, who features Brandt in a chapter of a book as “A Hermit of the Rivers,” writes of him:

“Brandt represents an ancient tradition of wise men and women withdrawing from the world, the better to reflect upon how best to serve God.”