Russian hermit expelled from India

From <i>Russia & India Report</i> comes this item about a Russian living in India for 15 year as a hermit and now expelled by the government of India based on the hermit’s illegal status and his new desire to return to Russia.

Kirill Pomerantsev has spent 15 years in India living in the forest, studying Hinduism, and receiving food from locals.

“There are no issues in the wilderness. The local people are extremely kind; they helped me in every way possible, sharing their potatoes, beans and flour with me”, notes the Russian.

Pomerantsev explains that in addition to the food he was given by local people, he also ate greens that he picked in the woods. He used the flour to make chapattis.

“I would get up at five in the morning, have a wash, meditate, drink some tea, clean the house, perform puja and study literature. I can read Hindi, a language that I have taught myself”, explains the former hermit.