Londonderry NH hermit

A brief item in the Londonderry News (New Hampshire, US) about 19th-century hermit Charles Alan Lambert:
“Charles Alan Lambert arrived in Manchester in the 1840s from Lincolnshire, England to live the life of a hermit. He bought 40 acres on Mosquito Pond, as it was known then, and built a hut. He was a local celebrity, and was sought out by tourists for his home grown herbs. He lived in his hut for 60 years, and died at the Sisters of Mercy House of St. John for Aged Men in 1914. He was buried at St. Joseph’s Cemetery with a gravestone marked ‘The Hermit.’ … ”

Viktor, Russian “forest man”

Viktor, the Russian “forest man,” is described in a Huffington Post article. The article includes video which, however, was not accessible at the time of visiting; however, the original Russian Today interview is available on YouTube.

A Russian man’s decision to adapt a Robinson Crusoe-like lifestyle has made him an Internet sensation, but he now finds himself struggling to gain back a little of the peace and quiet that he says drove him to the wilderness in the first place.

As Russia Today is reporting, Viktor opted for a life of solitude in a treacherous Russian forest after failing to establish himself in nearby Moscow. His tiny cabin — complete with a self-built generator for electricity — is cozy and allows him to lead a simple, if somewhat introverted, lifestyle. “I am not a sociable person, I never drink and I do not like noisy parties,” he said. “This way of life suits me better …. I have good hands, and I love to build.”

Huffington Post article:
Russia Today video:

Bill Porter interview

A November 2010 interview of Bill Porter (aka Red Pine) in Beijing, China, can be listened to or downloaded from China International Radio’s CRIEnglish website. Porter is well-known for his books and translations, especially his 1993 Road to Heaven: Encounters with Chinese Hermits. In the interview (in English) Porter reflects on his life and work, and discusses the difference between the “small” hermit and the “great” hermit.

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