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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Londonderry NH hermit

A brief item in the Londonderry News (New Hampshire, US) about 19th-century hermit Charles Alan Lambert: “Charles Alan Lambert arrived in Manchester in the 1840s from Lincolnshire, England to live the life of a hermit. He bought 40 acres on Mosquito Pond, as it was known then, and built a hut. He was a local […]

Viktor, another Russian hermit

English Russia offers a photo gallery titled “Romance of the Hermit’s Life” about a 60-year old man living in a forest hut in Novgorod. The text and description is similar to another article (in Russia Today) about a hermit in the same vicinity, also named Viktor. URL:

Viktor, Russian “forest man”

Viktor, the Russian “forest man,” is described in a Huffington Post article. The article includes video which, however, was not accessible at the time of visiting; however, the original Russian Today interview is available on YouTube. A Russian man’s decision to adapt a Robinson Crusoe-like lifestyle has made him an Internet sensation, but he now […]

Bill Porter interview

A November 2010 interview of Bill Porter (aka Red Pine) in Beijing, China, can be listened to or downloaded from China International Radio’s CRIEnglish website. Porter is well-known for his books and translations, especially his 1993 Road to Heaven: Encounters with Chinese Hermits. In the interview (in English) Porter reflects on his life and work, […]