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Monthly Archives: August 2010

“Most Isolated Man”

This Slate article by Monte Reel describes “The Most Isolated Man on the Planet,” the last member of a Brazilian Amazon tribe slowly brought to extinction by ranching and logging. As the article notes, He’s an Indian, and Brazilian officials have concluded that he’s the last survivor of an uncontacted tribe. They first became aware […]

Florida island hermit

An article titled “Local hermit’s diary re-emerges after 20 years in Marco garage” in the Marco Island Sun Times describes Naranjan, a hermit living on Dismal Island, among the Ten Thousand Islands, off southwest Florida. Naranjan kept a diary of life on the island, a diary recently brought to light by a local captain who […]

“And Then There Were Two”

Two Orthodox hermit nuns in a North Yorkshire monastery are interviewed in a 2002 article titled “And Then There Were Two” in the Guardian. The nuns live in separate hermitages, pursuing creative projects and spiritual practices, meeting for meals. And they grant the Guardian reporter an interview because they are seeking recruits. Brought to our […]

Naoko Matsubara: “Solitude”

“Solitude” is a series of eleven woodcuts by contemporary Japanese artist Naoko Matsubara. “Solitude” is presented as reflections on Henry David Thoreau. The style is expressionistic, wherein Matsubara strives to show the inner energy in living beings such as trees. To recognize this quality of sentient beings requires a sensitivity to solitude, for it sets […]