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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Hikikomori “crisis”

An opinion piece in Japan’s Mainichi News titled “‘Hikikomori’ bedroom hermits should be regarded as national crisis” summarizes the hikikomori phenomenon in Japan today, the extent of the issue, and the fact that all remedies so far have fallen short. There are approximately 230,000 people who almost constantly shut themselves in their rooms except to […]

Solitude on college radio

Two “radio” talks about solitude from the “Ethics Talk – Philosophy, Flourishing, and the Good Life” program of the Philosophy Department of Central Michigan University are available. The two programs are: “Solitude, its Virtues and Vices” and “Solitude; an In-depth Exploration.” The talks can be downloaded for listening at one’s convenience. URL:; and

Veronica Moore, Irish hermit

An article in the Westmeath Examiner (Ireland) announces that Sister Veronica Moore of the Sisters of Mercy, until recently a nurse in Zambia, received canonical status as a hermit. She is the fourth canonical hermit in the diocese in the recent year. URL:

Karen Markham, UK hermit

A Mail (UK) article on Karen Markham, a Shropshire hermit. She holds a doctoral degree in music composition and has taught music at the university level. Before her decision to live as a hermit, Karen learned tai chi from a Buddhist teacher, spent time in the U.S. with communities of Native Americans in New Mexico […]