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Monthly Archives: May 2010

UK hermit may lose home

UK hermit Katen Markham is distracted from her eremitic life by the possibility of losing her dwelling-place, notes the article “Modern hermit Karen Markham fights for solitude” in the Telegraph. She has been a hermit at her cottage, her Hermitage of Divine Wisdom in Shropshire, for six years but the owner now wants to sell […]

Mental Health Foundation (UK) on loneliness

Not the only source on the web on this topic, a short BBC News Magazine item titled “What’s the difference between being lonely and a loner?” Mentions the Loneliness Project report, based on a survey of UK residents, released by The Mental Health Foundation. In brief, the answers to the title question: Loneliness is not […]

India hermit: no food, water

This is not the first report on Mataji, the India hermit who claims to have not eaten food or drunk liquid almost all of his 82 years of life. This Independent Television News (ITN) item features a 2+ minute video. (The video is also available from the Telegraph TV (UK) filed under “Weird News”; see […]