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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Idaho hermit

Idaho hermit Richard Zimmerman, called “Dugout Dick,” recently passed away at 94. He is described in this article from the Idaho Statesman. Zimmerman was one of a number of Idaho loners, and perhaps the last. He was entirely self-sufficient, living in a series of caves, growing fruits and vegetables, and maintaining a root cellar. Placed […]

NYT on solitude

This New York Times article titled “Embracing a Life of Solitude” is placed in the Home & Garden section because it sees solitude as escape, “downtime,” as one interviewee puts it, or plain “fantasy.” Usually this escape is to a more natural setting, as in the examples in the article, which emphasize discomfort and survivalism. […]

Hermit tortoises

“Hermit” tortoises, in this case the red-footed tortoise, learn by imitating other tortoises. The experimenters conclude that social learning is based on cognitive ability, not an evolved specialized learning skill. The red-footed tortoise grows up without parents or siblings, and shuns others of its species. Cognitive learning, in the case of this experiment, consisted of […]