Cambodian feral woman

A recent Telegraph (UK) article titled “Jungle woman Rochom P’ngieng wants to return to the wild” describes the plight of an 18-year old Cambodian woman who grew up alone in the jungle from the age of eight and was reintroduced to society in 2007 but unsuccessfully so far. The woman does not speak, eats prepared food reluctantly, refuses clothes, and regularly attempts to flee back to the jungle.


Brought to our attention by a friend of Hermitary.

Feral child in Kyrgyzstan

From RIA Novosti, a news item about a feral child in Kyrgyzstan, headlined “Kyrgyz boy lives in sheep shed for 8 years”:

Bishkek, November 5 (RIA Novosti) – A 14-year-old boy has spent the last eight years living alone in a ramshackle sheep shed in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, the Vecherny Bishkek newspaper reported on Thursday.

According to the paper, the boy’s parents left the former Soviet state for Russia in early 2000, leaving their young son with his ill grandmother. For reasons which are not yet clear, the boy began living in the sheep shed almost immediately.

In the beginning, he tried to mix with children from a nearby village, but they bullied and teased him. He then became a hermit. His story came to light after his grandmother died and locals found her body, the paper said.

He has almost completely forgotten how to speak, the paper said. There is as yet no information on his parents. The paper said he would be taken into the care of the state.