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Monthly Archives: November 2009

CBS News on hermits

CBS News correspondent Dean Reynolds offers a 2-minute video on hermits today, interviewing Paul and Karen Fredette of Hot Springs, North Carolina, editors of Raven’s Bread, a newsletter for hermits. A brief story accompanies the video. URL: story – URL: video –

Mt. Athos today

The December 2009 issue of National Geographic includes an article on Mount Athos, the ancient Eastern Orthodox monastery island. The writer neatly summarizes the flavor of solitude and persistence in the character of the monks and hermits, and the threats of modernity to the ways of centuries. Accompanied by a photo gallery.

Cambodian feral woman

A recent Telegraph (UK) article titled “Jungle woman Rochom P’ngieng wants to return to the wild” describes the plight of an 18-year old Cambodian woman who grew up alone in the jungle from the age of eight and was reintroduced to society in 2007 but unsuccessfully so far. The woman does not speak, eats prepared […]

Feral child in Kyrgyzstan

From RIA Novosti, a news item about a feral child in Kyrgyzstan, headlined “Kyrgyz boy lives in sheep shed for 8 years”: Bishkek, November 5 (RIA Novosti) – A 14-year-old boy has spent the last eight years living alone in a ramshackle sheep shed in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, the Vecherny Bishkek newspaper reported on […]

Lincolnshire hermit

A June 2009 Guardian article for its Experience series titled “I Am a Hermit” is by Rachel Denton, a UK woman who writes about her life-long desire for solitude, and its fulfillment alone in a remote Lincolnshire country house. She received canonical approval of her status by the local Catholic bishop. Brought to our attention […]