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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Romanian hermits today

A video from Romanian television about hermits in Neamt County, Romania, in the northeastern region of the country. The video begins with a forest ranger confirming the existence of hermits in the forests and caves of the Moldavian mountains. He makes the poignant statement that the hermits live “a tragic life, which is utterly not […]

Fort Fisher hermit revisited

A new summary of the life of Robert E. Harrill (1893-1972), the “Fort Fisher hermit” of Wilmington, North Carolina, from the Star News. Includes a photo of Harrill and his dog. URL:

Scottish nun becomes hermit

Ann Renfrew of Loch Morar, Scotland, is in her early 50’s and has been a Benedictine nun in Germany. She received the rite to become a hermit in an Arasaig ceremony presided over by the local bishop. A priest commenting on the new hermit remarked to the Press and Journal of Sister Maria Edith that […]

Manchester hermit back to “real” life

Ansuman Biswas, who spent 40 days in the Manchester Museum tower as a hermit, is interviewed by BBC News upon his exit (August 5 was his last day there ) and return to “real” life. Excerpt: A hermit is re-entering society after spending 40 days and 40 nights in Manchester Museum’s Gothic tower. Ansuman Biswas, […]