Living without money

An article from on Daniel Suelo is titled, “Could You Survive Without Money? Meet the Guy Who Does.” Suelo has lived over 7 years without money, in a cave near Moab, Utah. The article writer visited with Suelo, interviews him about his past and records a typical day of food, foraging, and reflection.


Daniel Suelo’s blog, “Moneyless World, Free World, Priceless World”:

Kansas hermitess professes vows

This item on Kathryn Bloomquist from the Catholic News Agency and the Catholic Diocese of Salinas, Kansas describes how a widow became a nun and hermit within the Catholic rite. Sr. Kathryn had been strongly attracted to solitude throughout her marriage. When she became a widow, she sought out the bishop’s advice and then prepared for over four years to become a nun and simultaneously a hermit. Sr. Kathryn resides alone in the home she lived in with her late husband.


Liverpool garden hermit

Tatton Gardens, a Liverpool estate, is soliciting for an ornamental hermit for its garden show from July 22-26, 2009, according to an article in the Liverpool Daily. The head gardener, Sam Youd, who holds an uncompromisingly Gothic view of what a hermit should be — but consistent with the 18th- and 19th- century estate holder’s view of eremitism — has indicated his criteria for a garden hermit, along with living in a “grotesque” place and with a skull: “It will take a certain type of person to do justice to the hermits of  the 18th and 19th century,” said Mr Youd. “The Hermit’s Grotto is pretty grotesque, but that reflects the reality of a hermit’s environment.”

Additionally, Mr. Youd insists that the hermit must have:

  • an unkempt natural appearance;
  • love of solitude;
  • vow of silence;
  • facial hair (male or female);
  • overgrown toenails.

The article is entered under “Golf News.” No mention of any of this on the Royal Horticultural Society Tatton Gardens web site (