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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Living without money

An article from on Daniel Suelo is titled, “Could You Survive Without Money? Meet the Guy Who Does.” Suelo has lived over 7 years without money, in a cave near Moab, Utah. The article writer visited with Suelo, interviews him about his past and records a typical day of food, foraging, and reflection. URL: […]

Kansas hermitess professes vows

This item on Kathryn Bloomquist from the Catholic News Agency and the Catholic Diocese of Salinas, Kansas describes how a widow became a nun and hermit within the Catholic rite. Sr. Kathryn had been strongly attracted to solitude throughout her marriage. When she became a widow, she sought out the bishop’s advice and then prepared […]

Liverpool garden hermit

Tatton Gardens, a Liverpool estate, is soliciting for an ornamental hermit for its garden show from July 22-26, 2009, according to an article in the Liverpool Daily. The head gardener, Sam Youd, who holds an uncompromisingly Gothic view of what a hermit should be — but consistent with the 18th- and 19th- century estate holder’s […]