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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Modern hermits in Italy

Brief Guardian article entitled “Laptops but no beards for new hermits” on the revival of eremitism in Italy and “on why Catholics are signing up to be hermits.” URL: In a brief somewwhat supercilious audio file entitled “The internet is OK but don’t muck around on YouTube” the writer expands on the topic. URL: […]

Italian women hermits

A new book by Italian sociologist Isacco Turina describes a growing trend in Italy: women embracing eremitism to become hermits. A Telegraph article (and there are others) sums up the book: Professor Isacco Turina, a sociologist at the University of Bologna, tracked down 37 hermits for his work: “The New Hermits, The Flight from the […]

Urban recluses

Intriguing little report in the “Helsingin Sanomat” by Illka Malmberg entitled “Life and Death of an Urban Hermit.” Relates the story of a man who lived as a recluse in Helsinki and died unnoticed in his home, and of the long passage of time in which no one discovered the fact. While a common theme […]