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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Bill Porter (Red Pine) (2)

A report of a talk given in China by Bill Porter (pseudonym, Red Pine) author of Road to Heaven: Encounters with Chinese Hermits. URL: See also a previous entry (2004) on Bill Porter. URL:

Sister Wendy, hermit (2)

Short item in the Telegraph about Sister Wendy, hermit, her latest book, and thoughts on publicity. URL: See also a previous entry (2005) on Sister Wendy as hermit. URL:

Laurel O’Neal, hermit nun

Here are a couple of news items about Laurel O’Neal, a Catholic convert, professed nun, and canonical hermit living in California. URLs:

Joseph Knowles, false wilderness hero

Wilderness survival skills have always struck the American imagination. In recent times, authentically skilled figures like Appalachian wilderness expert Eustace Conway are rare, and he is not reluctant to share his story and his vision with a critical public. But taking advantage of American fascination with wilderness heroes was 43 year old Joseph Knowles, who […]