Notz anchorite

A modest but interesting site about a historical puzzle: whether an anchorite lived in the medieval priory of Notz in central France, and whether various images and the possible discovery of a hagioscope or squint (or even two) in the abbey church points to a resident anchorite. The site is in French. Brought to our attention by a friend of Hermitary.


Willard, hermit of Gully Lake (film)

A new film by Canadian producer Amy Goldberg is being screened: “Willard, The Hermit of Gully Lake.” The documentary film is described succinctly on the film website:

In the 1940’s American-born Willard (Kitchener) MacDonald jumped his troop train heading to WWII. Fearing authorities he lived as a hermit deep in the northern wilderness of Nova Scotia, Canada for more than 60 years. This is the true story of “The Hermit of Gully Lake,” a man who lived a life that the rest of us could never endure. He was a soul in exile and yet you will discover that he touched the lives of so many, in ways that no one can really explain.

The film website includes a trailer.