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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Hermits in Art: California

The Online Archive of California includes a nineteenth-century lithograph entitled “Hermit and the Burnt Tree” by Swiss artist C. C. Kuchel, which depicts the small figure of a man sitting before a great redwood. URL at:

Coptic anchorites

In the eremitic tradition of Coptic Christianity, hermits are known as anchorites. Their obscurity in the Western world is due in part to the irregular status of Copts versus the major Christian denominations, the scarcity of translations, and the exoticism of geography and culture. A sense of these characteristics can be found in a book […]

Zumthor’s chapel for Swiss hermit

The German-Swiss architect Peter Zumthor has created the “Field Chapel” dedicated to Brother Klaus or Nicholaus of Flue, the early modern Swiss hermit and visionary. An article from the Guardian entitled “Solitary Refinement” by Jonathan Glancey describes the chapel: The apparently simple form of Zumthor’s building proves to be far richer than it first appears. […]

Frank Bottomley: Yorkshire hermits

Frank Bottomley is a medieval and local historian concentrating on Yorkshire, England. His monograph “Yorkshire’s Spiritual Athletes: Hermits & Other Solitaries” is a wonderful resource which he makes available free at his website. (The text appears complete in the main link, but the appendices only include one of several projected items in the table of […]