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Monthly Archives: May 2007

Rauch on introversion

Thanks to a member of the Hermitary forum for pointing out a series of articles on introversion by writer Jonathan Rausch in the Atlantic Monthly. The title of the original March 2003 article is “Caring for Your Introvert: The Habits and Needs of a Little-understood Group” and drew more hits to the Atlantic website than […]

Planting of the Penny Hedge

The “Planting of the Penny Hedge” is an outdoor ritual in Whitby, North Yorkshire, England, held on Ascension Day. The Planting is based on a medieval legend about a hermit. A recent news item tells us: The story goes that three men were hunting a wild boar which was believed to have sought refuge with […]

Helen Waddell: “The Desert Fathers”

The University of Michigan’s Digital Library includes a copy of the 1942 edition of The Desert Fathers, translated by Helen Waddell. This work was my very earliest formal introduction to the desert fathers, and has remained one of my favorites. URL:;idno=AFZ9015.0001.001.

Colombian hermit in Lebanon

This news item from Reuters and variously broadcast in web media is entitled “Colombian hermit finds paradise on Lebanon trail.” The article describes a Colombian monk and hermit, Dario Escobar, now residing in a cave in the Qadisha Valley in Lebanon. The article is chiefly about the fledgling effort to create the Lebanon Mountain Trail […]