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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Big Sur Camaldolese

Article about the New Camaldoli Hermitage in Big Sur, California, hermitage of Camaldolese monks. From the article: “‘We’re hermits, but it’s not as strict as some orders,’ said the Rev. Raniero Hoffman, the hermitage’s resident prior. ‘There’s a certain amount of community.’” URL:

Vietnamese leper-hermit

Brief item about a Vietnamese leper who fled to the jungle in shame, ostrasized by his village and frightened family. He spent twenty years eking out a hermit’s existence before being found and rehabilitated by a Red Cross worker and treatment center. The story is a good example of involuntary solitude. URL:

Canada webmaster becomes hermit

Article about Paul Marquis, employed as a webmaster for the local Catrholic archdiocese, who will live as a wilderness hermit. From the article: “After months of considering various locations, he said he expects this ‘desert’ experience will be in a simple shelter on a remote, forested piece of land, maybe on an island somewhere off […]

Two more hermit films

Two more films about hermits: 1. The Fort Fisher Hermit: The Life and Death of Robert E. Harrill is a documentary film. The blurb explains that Harrill “spent 17 years under the stars and scrub oaks of Fort Fisher, North Carolina. Surviving off the land and the contributions from thousands of visitors, he became one […]

Two films about hermits

Two films of interest to anticipate: Into Great Silence (Germany) and The Island (Russian). Into Great Silence is a documentary film of the Grande Chartreuse and daily life of the silent monks there. Because no one in the film speaks and there is no voice-over narration, Into Great Silence is a visual and aural experience […]