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Monthly Archives: December 2005

“Genoveva in the Forest Seclusion”

Adrian Ludwig Richter, nineteenth-century German painter, is known for his romantic and idyllic painting, Genoveva in the Forest Seclusion. The work is a modest depiction of a setting rich in symbol and lore: the forest seclusion is a peaceful, gentle habitation for animals, trees, and humans — even the rock crags are solicitously preserving the […]

“The Stigma of Solitude”

“The Stigma of Solitude” by Daniel Cline is a short reflective essay in The Bard Observer (from Bard College) that begins with an anecdote and then explores the concept of solitude in philosophy, society, and the popular mind. URL:

Kenny Salway, Wisconsin hermit & river rat

Kenny Salway lived the hermit life of a “river rat” on a swampy Mississippi River floodplain in Wisconsin. His story became a BBC/Discovery Channel documentary film screened earlier in 2005. Wisconsin Public Radio interviewed Salway in June. He is promoting a new collection of his adventures and also appealing for environmental educational programs. URLs: […]