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Monthly Archives: April 2005

Sister Wendy, hermit

Not a prototype hermit, of course, but Sister Wendy Beckett, the BBC popularizer of art history in the 1990’s, lives as a hermit on the grounds of a Carmelite convent, taking morning Mass at the convent and spending her days — when not granting interviews — pursuing her “real life, which is a life of […]

Florida island hermit

Joe Dickman, an Ohio-born man in the depression era 1930s, moved to Kice Island, a small undeveloped southwest Florida island, where he lived as a hermit. From the compiler of the story of Ed Seely, one of the Everglades hermits. URL:

Contemporary Chinese hermit

Here is a cryptically brief news item entitled “Man Prefers Simple Life Alone in Wild,” from the Beijing China Daily web site. URL: It is short enough to reproduce in full here. Man prefers simple life alone in wild A 58-year-old man in Tonglian County of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has enjoyed life […]