Tree-planting India hermit

Brief article from Orissa, India, about a real-life equivalent of Elz√©ard Bouffier, the protagonist of Jean Giono’s The Man Who Planted Trees. Pandaba Charan Das is a hermit who has single-handedly reforested a barren hillside over some thirty years. URL:

Everett Reuss, wanderer

reuss.jpgEverett Reuss (1914-1934) disappeared into the sierra of the U.S. West professing a love of nature and solitude. He wrote poetry and made block prints of natural settings. With his burro Reuss departed for the desert wilderness, not yet age 21, and never returned. A number of web sites tell his story. The “official” site for books, etc., seems to be ( More information includes a page from Traditional Fine Art Online (, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (, and a descriptive biographical page ( Brought to our attention by a friend of Hermitary.

Bob Kull: Wilderness Solitude

Bob Kull chronicles “A Year in Wilderness Solitude” on a remote island of southern Chile at his web site The site is rich in resources: description, a half-hour video, photographs, his published article in Canadian Geographic (May/June 2004), and his own short stories and essays. Brought to our attention by a friend of Hermitary.

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New York State hermit

Conflating homelessness, mental illness, and eccentricity with reclusion is illustrated by several sites about “The Leatherman,” a nineteenth-century hermit and eccentric in Westchester County, New York, so called because of his attire and interest in leather items. The conflation is furthered by adding details about his enormous appetite and by ghost sightings. URLs:,, (with photo), and