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Monthly Archives: February 2005

Southern California hermits

In this Los Angeles Times article, the author reflects on the “hermit of Tahquitz” and other colorful hermits who have recently populated the desert canyons of southern California. URL:, 1,5376597.story?coll=la-headlines-outdoors&ctrack=1&cset=true.

Georgiou re Robert Lax interview with Steve Georgiou, author of The Way of the Dreamcatcher, on his spirituality and on his mentor Robert Lax, the poet-hermit. URL: See also the Hermitary article on Robert Lax.

North Wales hermit, 18th century

John Harris, the “English hermit” of North Wales, is an historical and legendary figure who lived in a cave recently the subject of archaeological investigation. This 1999 article entitled “English Hermit” by Anthony Sinclair and Keith J. Matthews of the University of Liverpool, was first published in CAPRA (Cave Archaeology and Paleontology Research Archives). It […]

Desert spirituality

A 1992 article entitled “Desert Faith” in Spirituality Today on desert spirituality, inspired by the author’s residence near a Colorado desert. URL: Brought to our attention by a friend of Hermitary.

Utne hut article

The January-February 2005 issue of Utne magazine has a short article entitled “A Hut of One’s Own,” on the hermit hut. Includes a picture of a modern-styled hut you can build from design plans (plans not included in the article). Mentions Thoreau and others but especially Kamo no Chomei. The online edition gives you paragraph […]