Adirondack hermit: Noah John Rondeau

Noah John Rondeau (1883-1967) was known as the Adirondack hermit. He lived in a wilderness area of Cold River, New York, dubbing his hermitage Cold River City (population 1) and himself as mayor. Rondeau began staying in his hermitage even over the harsh winters after 1929. He was forced to move after a 1950 storm leveled much of the forest around his hermitage. Some details about Rondeau are offered on the “Adirondack Lives” web site: and at The first link has good photos. There are also two books on Rondeau: Noah John Rondeau, Adirondack Hermit by Maitland C. DeSormo and Life With Noah: Stories and Adventures of Richard Smith with Noah John Rondeau as told to William J. O

Hermit’s hut dissertation

The Hermit’s Hut: a Study in Asceticism and Architecture by Kazi Khaleed Ashraf is a 2002 dissertation from the University of Pennsylvania. A preview is available on the Web; the dissertation itself can be purchased. The first sentence of the abstract begins: “The ascetic’s dwelling forms a distinctive genre among various meditations on the elemental hut …” The focus is India. URL: