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Monthly Archives: December 2004

Irish anchoress

Here is the web site of an anchoress in an “isolated hermitage atop a remote Irish mountain.” Includes prayers, reflections and wonderful photographs. URL: Brought to our attention in a communication from the anchoress.

Mennonite recluse

This page from Mennonite Life tells the modest story of the reclusive Ohio Mennonite Abraham Nofziger and reprints posthumously his sayings. URL: Submitted by a friend of Hermitary.

Wisconsin hermit/homeless

A 1934 photo from the Wisconsin Historical Society labeled “Joseph Smith, Hermit” portrays a man “rescued from squalid shack.” URL:

Hermit image in tarot

“Iconology of the Hermit Cards” is an article by Dr. Robert O’Neill that traces the depiction of the hermit in the tarot as preliminary to identifying its meaning. URL:

Hermits in Literature: Thomas Parnell

“The Hermit” is a poem by Thomas Parnell ( 1679-1718) that offers a standard view of religious hermits representative of the era, with its Job-like theme wherein the hermit discovers the providence of God. On many web sites, such as