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Monthly Archives: October 2004

Practicing silence

From the Spirituality & Health web site, “Practice Silence,” a page focusing on silence, with links to articles, quotations, book selections, and film reviews. Suggested by a friend of Hermitary. URL:

Buchholz on solitude

“The Call of Solitude” by Esther Buchholz appeared in the January-February 1998 issue of Psychology Today. Buchholz is the author of a 1995 book of the same title reviewed by Hermitary. The URL for the article is:


There are many web sites reproducing portions of the writings of the Desert Fathers, but a site that includes a good representation of sayings is: Suggested by a friend of Hermitary. The Vitae-Patrum site was maintained by Benedict Baker, who together with his wife Eve produce the Fellowship of Solitaries web site and newsletter. […]

New Mexico hermit

The story of the Italian-born hermit Agostini-Justiniani (1800-69) is related on several pages. He emigrated to the New World as a young man. Agostini walked throughout the U.S. West and into Central and South America, settling in New Mexico in the 1860’s. He lived as a hermit in a mountain cave (“La Cueva”) in Dona […]

Florida Everglades hermit (continued)

The diary of Florida Everglades hermit Al Seely continues:Part 5:;Part 6:;Part 7:; Part 8: