Dubches hermits of Russia

A monastic outpost in Siberia near the Dubches river clandestinely housed “hermits” and peasants against government approval. In 1951 the illegal monasteries were sighted from the air and subsequently demolished, their possessions destroyed, and all associated with the monasteries tried and convicted. The Library of Congress maintains a Web site with photographs documenting the trial.
URL: http://frontiers.loc.gov/intldl/mtfhtml/mfdigcol/iicoll.html#ph3.
URL of photographs: http://frontiers.loc.gov/intldl/mtfhtml/mfdigcol/lists/mtfwduTitles1.html.

Armenian hermit

Article from ArmeniaNow about Samvel Gyulizadyan , an architect, married and with two children, who abandoned family and city life for an isolated village, taking up residence in an abandoned house. His motive of peace and quiet overrides other concerns, his chief challenges being laundry and bread baking. Gyulizadyan plays an accordion and tries bee-keeping for money, going to the nearest town twice a year for provisions. His wife visits once a year. Several well-done black and white photographs. URL: http://archive.armenianow.com/archive/2003/may09/features/landlocked/.

Athonite Hermits: photos

Orthodox Advices is an Orthodox Christian site in Romania that includes a page of photographs of two dozen “Athonite hermits” plus many more of “elders.” This collection of photographs is unique on the Web, and will take most viewers into a seldom glimpsed culture. URL: http://www.sfaturiortodoxe.ro/foto.