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Monthly Archives: May 2004

Hawaii hermit, Fr. Louis

We communicated with Fr. Louis, a retired Orthodox bishop living in Hawaii as a hermit, some time ago, so it is interesting to see how his one-page Yahoo! site (originally titled “Phoney Hermits” and still a page there) grew to include many pages of thoughts, rants, and life details. Some all-caps text and lots of […]

Painshill ornamental hermit

Here is a news item about an artist who will spend a couple of weeks as an ornamental hermit at the Painshill Park estate in Surrey, England. It is part of a collaborative project for a garden history association. The intended hermit will mimic a hired counterpart from the 18th century. URL:

Hermits in Art: Sargent

The paintings of John Singer Sargent exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY) in summer 2000 and later sites included “The Hermit,” painted by Sargent in Italy in 1908 and with the added title “Il Solitario.” An image of the painting can be viewed at the John Singer Sargent Virtual Gallery

Connecticut hermit

A short Web page (from a local newspaper’s collection of postcards) about George Washington Gilbert, the so-called “Hermit of Ridgefield” in Connecticut, who died in 1924. URL:

Hermits in Art: Ansoald

From the Bibliotheque nacionale de France: a medieval woodcut depicts Ansoald, the seventh-century bishop of Poitiers, visiting a hermit. The woodcut dates from the 14th-century and clearly depicts the hermit as an anchorite. URL: