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Monthly Archives: March 2004

Fellowship Charitos

According to the Web site, Fellowship Charitos is “a non-profit corporation that supports the religious vocations of Hermits, Anchorites, Religious Solitaries, and others who follow the eremetic lifestyle.” The organization is run by Sister Molly, an Episcopal nun located in Utah. A free newsletter is available, with a donation for cost encouraged, and a forum […]

Ohio hermit

“Uncle Jimmy” was a nineteenth-century hermit on Ballast Island, one of the Lake Erie islands of Ohio. This summary dates from 1898. URL:

Hermits in Art: St. Gilles

The legend of the French hermit Saint Gilles is beautifully illustrated by the so-called Master of St. Gilles (circa 1500) in “St. Gilles and the Hind,” an altar-panel residing in the National Gallery, London. URL:

Reminiscing about hermits

In a short Independent (UK) article in the PsychoGeography series, entitled “When Hermits Walked the Earth,” author Will Self reminisces about hermits he has known and speculates on how modern life both created and eliminated hermits. URL: The complete article requires a paid subscription.

Bill Porter (Red Pine)

A Seattle Times article about Bill Porter (also known as Red Pine), translator of ancient Chinese hermit-poets Cold Mountain and Stonehouse, author of Road to Heaven: Encounters with Chinese Hermits. URL: