Two immigrant hermits

Australia: The curious story of Valerio Recitti, an Italian immigrant who became a hermit in Australia. The site includes a couple of photos of the restored cave that was his dwelling. URL:

Massachusetts: The Scottish-born John Smith emigrated to Erving, Massachusetts, in the late nineteenth-century and took up residence in a cave behind a so-called castle, where he promoted himself but also lived a self-sufficient life. Both sites include a photo of Smith. URL: and

Charles Kingsley: The Hermits

The Victorian writer and popular historian Charles Kingsley published The Hermits in 1868, a sweeping overview of Christian hermits from the desert fathers to the Celtic hermits of Britain. The book is a recapitulation of biography and hagiography in the grand style of the nineteenth century. Available from a number of Web sites reproducing electronic texts; the Gutenberg Project has The Hermits as one page at