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Monthly Archives: February 2004

Two immigrant hermits

Australia: The curious story of Valerio Recitti, an Italian immigrant who became a hermit in Australia. The site includes a couple of photos of the restored cave that was his dwelling. URL: Massachusetts: The Scottish-born John Smith emigrated to Erving, Massachusetts, in the late nineteenth-century and took up residence in a cave behind a […]

Hermits in Art: Nesterov

Russian painter Mikhail Nesterov’s traditional-styled portrait entitled “Hermit” (circa 1889) is available at URL:

Hermits in Art: Waterloo

Add to the September 22, 2003 entry on Flemish and Dutch engravers Anthonie Waterloo’s etching “Two Hermits” (circa 1640); available at URL:

Charles Kingsley: The Hermits

The Victorian writer and popular historian Charles Kingsley published The Hermits in 1868, a sweeping overview of Christian hermits from the desert fathers to the Celtic hermits of Britain. The book is a recapitulation of biography and hagiography in the grand style of the nineteenth century. Available from a number of Web sites reproducing electronic […]

English hermit

Reprinted from the magazine CAPRA (Cave Archaeology and Paleontology Archive), “The English Hermit” discusses English hermits and their cave dwellings in Britain from the eighteenth century on. Several photographs and an informative overview of the topic. URL: